CANAM Programs

Our programs include athlete assessments and testing. Age and sport appropriate programming for youth, elite, and masters athletes. Science-based and customized programming to achieve your sport and fitness goals

Team, group, and individual training options available! Take a look through all of our memberships and classes below!

Athlete Development Programs [ADP]

What is ADP?

Our Athlete Development Program (ADP) is scientific sport-specific and tailored programming. Athletes will maximize athletic potential through sprint mechanics, strength training, plyometrics, mobility and injury prevention.

Who is it for?

Any athlete or team looking to get hands-on specialized programming to level up at their desired sport.

Our ADP programs have 4 different streams that are tailored to each group including: Youth, Teen (High School), Elite (College/University), and Teams.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Sprint mechanics
  • Plyometric and jump training
  • Age-appropriate strength training for sport
  • Mobility and injury prevention

What’s Included? (excluding Youth)

  • Sprint classes
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • CANAM Fit classes
  • Mobility + Recovery classes
  • Open gym

Youth ADP

Age: 8-12

Membership Includes:

  • Age appropriate sprint mechanics, strength training, and plyometrics
  • Mobility and injury prevention
  • Access to conditioning

Teen [High School] ADP

Age: 13-18

Membership Includes:

  • Sprint mechanics
  • Plyometric and jump training
  • Sport-specific speed, agility, and strength training (including Olympic lifting)
  • Mobility and injury prevention
  • Access to varsity weight room

Elite [College/University] ADP

Age: Current university or college athletes

Membership Includes:

  • Elite sprint mechanics
  • Plyometrics
  • Olympic lifting sessions
  • Access to all classes, and varsity weight room

Team ADP Training Sessions

Membership Includes:

  • CANAM sessions customized for the needs and goals of your team, your athletes and the sport

CANAM Barbell Club Membership (Olympic Weightlifting)

What is Oly?

CANAM’s Barbell Club (Olympic Weightlifting) program makes an individual sport a team sport with community and coaching.

You will learn about proper technique for both lifts (clean and jerk and snatch), form, accessory exercises, and warm-up’s all to improve your lifting capabilities.

Who is it for?

Oly classes are for those who want to learn, or improve upon their weightlifting skills. Athletes of all abilities are welcome – from elite athletes and Olympic Lifters to the novice athlete – this is a great addition to your existing workout routine.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Two Olympic Lifts – clean and jerk and snatch
  • Technical proficiency
  • Exercises and drills to develop strength, power, and technique
  • The option to learn about competing

Membership Includes:

  • Oly class
  • Programming
  • Opportunity to join the CANAM Barbell Club in competitions
  • Open gym


What is CANAM Fit?

Our CANAM Fit classes offer a fun, social, and motivating workout experience for athletes of all fitness levels!

We get you in and out of the gym in an hour utilizing strength training, metcons, low-impact cardio, and more!

Who is it for?

Our CANAM Fit classes are for anyone looking to get fit and healthy in a fun, social, and supportive environment.

The classes are suitable for all fitness levels and goals, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. Whether you are looking to build strength, increase endurance, or just get moving – CANAM Fit is for you!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Proper strength training technique
  • How to push your intensity safely in a metcon
  • Learn how to use interval and RPE in your training
  • Improved mobility and recovery to avoid injury

Membership Includes:

  • Strength and conditioning classes
  • Engine classes
  • Metcon classes
  • Mobility + Recovery classes
  • Open gym: Weekdays 7am-4pm and all day weekends

Personal Training, Individual Assessment, and Programming

Age: All Ages

Membership Includes:

  • 1:1 or 1:2 small group customized coaching and training session with program development [you only get access to this]

Open Gym Membership

Age: All ages

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited access to varsity weight room

Additional Classes

Baby Friendly Strength & Conditioning Class

Class Includes:

  • Separate semi-private area of gym allotted to this class
  • Dynamic warm-up’s
  • Core and pelvic floor education
  • Balance, stability, and mobility
  • Strength super-sets
  • 15-20 minute metabolic conditioning

Kindergym Class

Age: 3-5

Class Includes:

  • Learning to follow instructions
  • Development of basic locomotor skills (ex. run, hop, skip)
  • Building body awareness and confidence
  • Practice celebrating friends and success
  • Songs & games
  • Parents are required to stay on site – but not to participate

What membership should you buy?

Olympic WeightliftingNYYNNNY
AC Engine & Core TempoNYNYNNY
Gymnastics and MovementNYNYNNY
Mobility + RecoveryNYNYNNY
Baby Friendly S&CNNNNNNY