Online Programs

CANAM Strength has developed and is launching “CANAM Athlete Online”, with our online strength and conditioning programs, coaching, community and streaming options for athletes and teams to adapt to COVID-19 shutdowns. CANAM’s offering include:

CANAM Online Services: If you’re an athlete looking to make athletic gains during these tough times, CANAM strength coaches and their experience can be provided online and streamed to your laptop/iPhone. CANAM will be providing programming for:

  • Skill development
  • Drills and training for sprint, speed, agility, footwork, jumping, plyometrics
  • Strength programming (with varying equipment availability)
Skill development Drills and training for sprint, speed, agility, footwork, jumping, plyometrics Strength programming (with varying equipment availability)


The CANAM Athlete At Home Program: Provides programming to increase your athleticism in your at-home and outdoor environment to get you faster, more explosive and improve your movement. Programming is delivered daily and weekly online, and can be customized for team and individual athletes. It is split between Speed, Agility, Explosiveness, Mobility and Strength (SEAMS) and offer:

  • Sprint
  • Footwork
  • Change of direction
  • Plyometric
  • Jumping
  • Movement coordination
  • Strength exercises

Access to Streaming Strength and Conditioning classes: CANAM continues to add more streaming online classes to the schedule and delivered by Zoom. These give athletes (a) detailed explanations of movements, drills and exercises, (b) opportunities to receive coaching on movements, and (c) a group vibe when training together. All you need is phone or laptop connected to the internet. Online group classes include:

  • Athlete Development classes with sprint and plyos
  • Youth ADP classes providing age-appropriate options for kids aged 8-12years old
  • Athletic Conditioning provides accessible conditioning options in home
  • Strength Class with programming with barbells, and strength options for at home with more limited equipment
  • Yoga and Mobility Class
  • Bounce Class to improve your jumping ability and explosiveness


Customized 1:1 Coaching options: CANAM Coaches can be booked for 1:1 coaching sessions in single or multi-session packs. Getting you own ‘at home’ coach will allow for individual goal setting and then programming customized to your goals, current level of fitness, as well as your space and equipment. Remote sessions, via online video sharing, allows coaches to see your movement and coach you.

Participate in the CANAM Community: Online members get access to the broader CANAM fitfam and our FB members site. We are currently running a 6-week challenge that includes points for workouts, mobility, and nutrition delivered in daily/weekly challenges, as well as a range of ‘social’ challenges/engagement. We are working to keep the community engaged, connected and to bring some normalcy to our everyday lives. Competitions, points, prizes to keep you more engaged!

Customized Team Training Programs: CANAM can deliver customized programming for your team to improve their athleticism at home. Team specific coaching and streaming can be provided, tailoring skills, drills and training for speed, agility, quickness, strength and explosiveness.

Online Membership and Drop-in details coming soon